Your Madam President 2018-19

A message from your Auxiliary President:

Beverly Brooks, Madam President 2018-19
Beverly Brooks, Madam President 2018-19

Here we go Again!!! I would like to congratulate all of the new Aerie and Auxiliary officers fo this year.

I hope to bring new energy and to fulfill the obligation to the best of my ability. We have many Eagle Charities to raise money for. I know if we all work as a team, it will be accomplished.

We want everyone to enjoy their membership and remember whatever you put into it you get twice as much back in so many ways.

Feel free to stop me anytime with your ideas, questions or concerns and I’ll do my best to help.

In friendship, and love,
Beverly Brooks, Madam President

Your Worthy President 2018-19

A note from your incoming prez…

I want to thank Josh Stoltze for the great job he’s done leading us for the past couple of years (I have big footsteps to follow). I’d like to thank everyone for their support in electing me as your Aerie president. I’m very proud!

Jim Broadbent, Worthy President 2018-19
Jim Broadbent, Worthy President 2018-19

For those who don’t know me, my name’s Jim Broadbent. 3x Worthy President of Aerie 2899, Weymouth, Mass., Past President of the Mass. Past Presidents club & Past State Pres. of Mass. A 38 year member of our great organization.

I’d like to encourage our Brothers & Sisters to come in & see what the Eagles are all about. (Much more than an inexpensive place to drink). The Fraternal Order of Eagles donates millions of dollars each year to various health & community causes. But we need your support in raising these funds (especially for our local causes). Please come in & attend an aerie meeting (2nd & 4th Wed. 7:30pm – soon to be possibly changed to 7:00pm). Enjoy a free cocktail for attending. See what we’re all about. Find out where your dues money goes & how expenses are managed!

Once again, thanks very much & looking forward to seeing you!

Jim Broadbent, Worthy President